About us

For over 27 years of our activity, we pursue the technological innovations in the field of packaging creation. We are a team of experts, for whom design is a passion and every realization a challange.Our knowledge and experience is a guarantee of high quality products and stable position on the market.

Feeling responsible for the satisfaction of our clients, we offer a wide range of packaging that advertise your brand. Paper bags, plastic bags, material bags, decorative boxes, tissue paper, ribbons and stickers.

Our offer is addressed to large companies, network stores, corporations, advertising agencies, small and medium-sized enterprises, marketing and promotion departments, public relations, elegant shops and boutiques, public institutions, embassies, marshal offices, municipal offices, as well as everyone, who wants to effectively promote the brand image.

Using many years of experience, we have developed a very attractive quality – quantity – price relation. It allowed us to gain the trust of many prestigious Polish companies and foreign contractors – this way we would like to thank them for many years of loyal cooperation.


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